Monday, September 24, 2007

Embrace Yourself

I have recently come to terms with the fact that I like to watch internet movies. I am not going to hide it anymore. I love when people want to show me all the funny videos available to me. For all of you Lord of the Rings fans here is one my mom showed me yesterday that makes me laugh everytime.

Watch it and you'll love it. Well, I do.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Things I like

Sometimes in life there are some things you just have to smile about. So, I have thought of a few things that I really like and decided to share with my avid readers.

1. Chubby old guys in overalls. Always a good idea
2. Two boys riding a Vespa together
3. Thunderstorms. The smell and the sound
4. Really soft blankets
5. Walking home from campus, the temperature is perfect (around 65-70), and listening to music
6. Sitting on the bus and watching/listening to the "regulars" talk to each other. They are usually much kinder and more helpful than those of us who are too timid to strike up a conversation.
7. Listening to songs that match your mood perfectly
8. Watching movies from my childhood that bring back such good memories
9. Girls Night
10. The feeling I get when I eat the exact food I've been craving. Something that just hits the spot. I love it. I love food.

There is another one that was part of the reason I created this list and it has left me. When it comes back to me, I will be sure to add it to the list.

Well, that's about all for me. I'm not going to school and I live at home so needless to say, I don't have much to do. If anyone needs a friend or has any ideas of how to meaningfully occupy my time, I'm open for suggestions. I have thought about starting genealogy. I think it will be a good pre-mission hobby.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sometimes I am boring

I found out from a few people that my blog is really boring. I will try to spice it up, but I don't have the internet at my house, so pictures are limited and time also. I do have one topic of discussion I would like you all to ponder and respond to. I have been reading Twilight. The new book sensation for all teenage girls. My little sister LOVES it and so does every young woman in my ward. I am almost half way through and it has been ok, I don't get bored, but it's not so good that I can't put it down like my sister says. Maybe I'm too much out of the targeted age group to understand. Well, if this isn't the most interesting thing you've read then you must have a life!

Monday, August 6, 2007

Ok, so I bagged the idea of posting the big bubble pictures. Too much effort really. But what I would rather do is tell you all of my tragic night last night. The reasons are 2 fold. The first, my brother needed my bed for his new apartment, so he took it last night and now I am bedless. Consequently, I slept on the floor. The second reason is I was walking down the stairs just moments before I was going to hop into my makeshift bed on the floor when I slipped on the last 3 steps and fell awkwardly and painfully down them. I hurt my elbows the most and went to bed a little bitter about the whole situation. However, when I woke up this morning I was pleased to find out that I slept very well and I feel great!

In other news, last night I spent a good 2 hours playing Nintendo 64 Jeopardy with some friends. It was probably a really great time. It's funner than you ever expected. Also, I leave for Girls Camp tomorrow. Yes, I am going to Young Women's Camp. My mom is the director so she called me as her assistant. I have been making pretty quotes and buying cheap secret sister gifts for the last little while. I should be a good time.

Ok, last peice of news and I'm out of here. My sister comes home from her mission this week! I know my mom, sister, and I are at Girls Camp. So, we are leaving half-way through to pick her up and see her then we're going back. There is a slight possibility that she'll be coming with us. What a way to spend your first week home eh?

Well, I think this blog might be the most boring one yet. Sorry, sometimes I'm just not funny. Shocking, I know, but true.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

South America Anyone?

Hey guys! Last week I got some amazing news. I was called to serve as a missionary in the Peru Lima Central mission! I am super excited and can't wait to get out there! I don't report until November 28th, so I will be around for awhile. I will be speaking Spanish and am loving that idea. So, that's the latest with me. Oh, and I finished Harry Potter of course and loved it. I plan to have a book group to discuss various topics about book 7 and any other HP related things. If you are interested in that check back here occasionally to see when and where. In other news, I went to Oregon last week to visit my Grandpa and it was fun. He lives up in the country so it was a little boring, but we found ways to entertain ourselves. We went to Romeo and Juliet at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. It was good. A little awkward at times, but I liked it. We also went to a kid's science museum and made huge bubbles. Who doesn't love that? I also saw some hairy women at a farmer's market and went on a jet boat excursion. So, I guess you could say I had a pretty good week. I will put pictures up later so you can see the bubbles and maybe I'll even post the video of me opening my mission call!

Friday, July 20, 2007

It has begun . . .

Here I am writing my first blog. It's even better than Erika said it would be. Today, as I am sure most if not all of you (my many readers) know that Harry Potter book 7 comes out tonight. I, being a fan of HP have been anxiously anticipating this day. So, to further my excitement my first photo to ever be on this, my new blog, will be a picture of the last book release. I am pleased to inform you that I was lucky enough to be accompanied to this by none other than Cho Chang herself! Well, stay tuned for further details of the adventerous life of one Shelly Scofield.

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