Friday, February 4, 2011

Pho Sho!

There is a new Pho place in town. When you look it up online it is called the Pho King. Don't say it out loud. I know you just did. Sinner.

It's actually called something like Rice Noodle King Pho Take-Out or something normal like that. Anway, it's delicious. I saw it as I drove down Center Street yesterday and did I go there for dinner? Yes. I. Did.

I ordered the Pho #4 which is regular pho with beef strips. Every time I have gotten pho they serve it with the noodles, broth, and meat in a bowl and all the other ingredients are added by the consumer. This place was different though because they served EVERYTHING separate. Broth, meat, noodles, jalapeƱos, bean sprouts, lime, sauces, basil leaves, and onions. The thing about pho is that the meat is not cooked until you put it in the steaming broth. So yes, the meat came raw! For any of you who know me, you know that I hate raw meat. Touching it, looking at it, smelling it. EW! However, this meat was thinly sliced and bright pink and it looked really appetizing actually. That is good sign #1. I put the meat in first a little skeptical about it actually getting cooked. I dropped them in there and a few minutes later I poked one with a fork and it was brown and cooked and tasted awesome!

The pho itself was very good. The restaurant was really clean and the servers were nice. When I walked it this is how I was greeted:

little vietnamese lady (LVL), "you want take-out?" - insert thick accent
me, "um . . ."
LVL, "you want take-out? To go?"
me, "uh, yeah . . ."
LVL, "ok sit here and I will bring you a menu and you tell me when you are ready."

So, I guess I wanted take-out. I had actually planned to eat it there because it is more fun to eat it at the place you know? I think they were going to close soon so, whatevs.

If anyone wants to join me for a bowl of spicy and delectable pho noodle soup I am game.

225 W Center St.

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