Thursday, January 29, 2015

I've been told I have a nice radio voice . . . more than once

It has been almost three years since my last post and the same amount of time since I've been to the dentist.  Judge me! Weird way to commemorate getting your teeth drilled, but I guess that's how I roll. Maybe all that time laying in a chair forced to stare at the dead fly trapped in the light fixture above me is my version of a muse.

I do still hate, but appreciate going to the dentist. Just want to give a short shout out Dr. Gardner. It has been the best experience I could have hoped for given the circumstances.

But really, I did stare at that fly for a long time today. As I laid there, muscles tight, feeling tense, listening to the shrill sound of the drill, I found my mind buzzing with questions like, I wonder if they have to get special gloves for people with sensitive skin; when they say "lingual" are they referring to the "tongue side" of my teeth; what the heck is a flobal?  I did end up asking about the gloves. They do have special ones for people with allergies to latex. Also, wikipedia tells me that lingual is "the side of a tooth adjacent to (or the direction towards) the tongue." Boom. Nailed it. I'm still working out what flobal is. I have not idea how to spell it and could have heard it incorrectly, so if anyone out there wants to enlighten me, by all means do.

Looks like I started this post on a tangent. It's fine.

I've been listening to podcasts lately. Specifically Serial, This American Life, and Stuff You Missed in History Class. In addition to providing intellectual stimulus, I am hoping that by listening  my vocabulary will acquire new words and familiarize itself with correct usages of known but seldom used words. Like the word ,"seldom". I heard it today on a podcast and decided I'd use it if I had the chance. Turns out my plan is working because I just found out that "seldomely" isn't a word. My grammar suffers as well. I acknowledged it. We can move on.

I am not a researcher, I'm not a writer, and I don't perform well on demand. The extent of my internet broadcasting experience is giving an intro for a webinar series for my previous employer which I read word for word from a peice of paper very monotonously. However, today I decided that I'm going to start a podcast. The first thing the few people I mentioned this to asked was, "what are you going to talk about?" My answer was, "whatever I want!" I figure I'll try it out and go from there. Do I have to have a concrete plan? I'm not convinced that I do. Do I know how to record and upload a podcast? No. Will people want to listen to it? I can think of five people who would and that's just because I made them swear to it, even if it sucks. A new, but wise friend told me today that the best way to learn is through experience. So, take that world, I'm gonna start a podcast!

Oh, and the title of this post is not made up. It has happened. Multiple times!

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