Monday, May 3, 2010

Personal Mission Statement

Definition: mission statement is a formal, short, written statement of the purpose of a company or organization. The mission statement should guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal, provide a sense of direction, and guide decision-making. It provides "the framework or context within which the company's strategies are formulated. (Taken from, a VERY credible source)

Today I began a mission statement for my life. I say began because it is really short, so of course it does not encompass everything I would like it to, but with time I will learn more and the statement will grow along with me. So, let me share with you what I have placed as guidelines to living my life happily and successfully. With purpose, if you will.

The last line of 1 Nephi 21:5 says "...and my God shall be my strength."

This is important to me because I think a reason why I struggle sometimes is because I am looking for empowerment from a relationship or from material things. I do not feel ashamed to say this because I'm pretty sure everyone has looked in the wrong place for something at one point or another in their life. Yesterday I read this one line and it honestly gave me so much power. I felt so confident because no matter where I go or who I'm with, they are not the ones from whom I get my strength to live and to do. God is everywhere and man can only be in one place at one time and really is very limited if what he can do. However, God can make us soar. Bishop H. David Burton gave an analogy in his CES Fireside talk about a kite. He said that a kite can dip, dive, and fly because of the string that is attached to it. Once the string is cut, that kite will slowly, but surely drift down lifelessly to the ground. I liked that because living by the precepts of God and having faith in Jesus Christ is like our string, and when we keep ourselves attached we can soar and fly and do amazing things. But, if we detach ourselves, we will surely end up helpless and grounded. So, in my life, my God shall be my strength.

In D&C 45:57 says that if we take the Holy Spirit as our guide we will not be deceived.

I wrote about this a little in my previous post, but it still remains true and will be so for as long as I live. I know that when we follow the guidance of the Holy Ghost we can be assured that we will not be deceived. I am really cautious about this because I really want a good, happy life and I want to make good choices. My knowledge is very limited and I cannot see everything nor discern everything. However, I know that if I rely on the Spirit I will not be led astray. That's just how it is. That is why it's OK to be led into the dark sometimes because even in the dark, you will not be led to dangerous places if you are listening to what the Holy Ghost is teaching you.

These two principles have been very influential in my life thus far, and will continue to be so because they are now part of my personal mission statement. The standards by which I will "strategize" my life. 

And let me just say that I feel real good about it. :)

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