Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Having a real job is . . .

very different than working on campus.

Here at the good old Harold B. Lee Library I don't do much. I work on projects that the librarians give me (which means I do data entry for hours), I re-shelve me some books, and answer questions about any random subject. I go home and I don't think about my job again until the next day when I sit myself down on my swirly gray office chair to repeat the same thing.

I am thankful to BYU for this job. I know they created it just so that I, a poor starving student, could earn a "living." I put it in quotations because there is no way anyone could make a living off of what I make. But, I get by so, whatevs.

For just over a week now I have been working at a new job (plus my library job). I was hired to be the Counselor Supervisor for the counselors of a group of Chinese students coming to America for 3 weeks. So, this job will end on August 10th. It is exactly what I was thinking about doing after I graduate so it's great experience for me. However, with a real job comes real responsibility. I go to work and I am actually working the whole time I am there. I go home and I think about my work. It's crazy. Part of me loves having a purpose when I go to work, but the idle part of me doesn't like having so much responsibility. The more I put into it the more excited I am for the Chinese students to get here. However, I feel a little nervous too because a lot of the success of the program is resting on top of my shoulders. That is a big deal! Here at the library, I have close to zero responsibility.

I guess that means I am growing up eh? My library days are coming to an end. Instead of an escape from class and homework my job will become realwork (like homework but for reals.)

Who's with me?

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