Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hate, but Appreciate

Whilst at the dentist a few weeks ago, I was reclining in the chair with my mouth hanging open as the dentist drilled my tooth away and thought to myself, "this is the worst." I have what the dentist called, "soft teeth" which in normal language means I get cavities really easily. The added fact that I grew up in Utah where the percentage of fluoride is very low compared to other states doesn't aid in the health of my teeth. I had a lot of time to think on that chair because I was getting a bunch of work done at once. I turned 26 in the February and am no longer covered under my mom's insurance. Thus, my haste in fixing all my dental problems at once.


I thought to myself, as much as I dislike the dentist, I am really glad that my teeth are getting fixed. And the Hate, but Appreciate list was born. The following are some of my top hate but appreciates:

Drills, that "slight pinch" that actually really hurts, puffy face, controlled breathing through your nose so you don't choke on all that junk (molds, x-ray thingies) they put in your mouth. But, in the end we have happy mouths and happy smiles.

I won't go into details here, but girls, you get me. It's bothersome, but it's also preparing our bodies to grow babies, sooooo, it's ok.

A job you dislike
I've been working at a job I wouldn't mind leaving. I definitely didn't graduate from college so I could work at this job. BUT, it provides me with the dolla bills I  need to lives, so I am thankful.

I am interested to know what you would put on your hate, but appreciate list.


Yolanda said...

Where do I start?! The gym, because I love feeling skinnier, but hate the whole running part. Most of my classes/school right now, because I can't help thinking of things that i'd rather be doing that listening to my professor brag about everything he knows, but I'm happy to be educating myself. And i'll end with handicapped parking spots, because I hate that Walmart's first 6 or so rows are handicapped, so it already feels like your parking far away which is crazy annoying with 3 babies, but I appreciate that if I ever really needed them, they'd be there.

Erin said...

Yolanda's are so good. The only one I can think of is dealing with medical stuff. Insurance and bills and stuff are so confusing, and I hate messing with them, but I am really glad there are doctors and insurance. Also, clipping my toenails.

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