Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lakes vs. Oceans

Lakes are better than oceans and here is why:

Fresh water
Much, much, much less sand
Lake monsters

I love lakes.


Erin said...

My only argument against is this: cold. I can't handle cold water. I won't even swim in the ocean in California. Otherwise, yes yes yes and yes. Unless I have to submerge my body in the water, lakes are always the winner. said...

I like waterfalls and rivers. The benefits of a lake (minus wakeboarding and boating) but plus the loud gushing waters and falling waters.

ellie b said...

plus, no sharks!!! I'm cursed forever from watching shark week...

Melody said...

Did I mention that in a few months I will be living RIGHT ON a lake? I think you want to come and visit probly.

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